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“They immediately found my water heater was leaking and referred me to another plumber that installs water heaters. They did not charge me for their call which I really appreciated since it is holidays and I am short of cash. They are really good people and I would not hesitate to call them again if I need the services they provide. Thank you Cox Plumbing.”

“The work was done quickly and with minimal disruption to our household. Plus they were friendly!”

“When I contacted them we were given a date and time. They contacted me once they were on the way to my house and arrived right on time. The leak was located within the first hour and I was given the option of doing the digging myself or hiring someone else or having them do it. I choose to have them do it. The leak was found about 2 feed down and about 18 inches under the edge of the concrete driveway. Even though the repair was in a very tight area, they were able to do the repair without busting up the slab. They are very professional and friendly. I would definitely use them again if needed.”

“They were excellent. They came when they said they would. They worked until they got the job done, no breaks. I have had no problems with the repairs that they did.”

“I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend them to others. They were professional, courteous, and very fast. They were here on time, and no leaks afterwards.”

“They did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to to others. They were very accommodating, and they were able to get me in very quickly.”

“Cox was very professional, friendly and easy to work with. They came out quickly and made the repair quickly. It was clear they knew exactly what they were doing. Another company had come out first- they wouldn’t guarantee me a price, and they seemed intimidated by the job. Cox wasn’t intimidated at all. I also thought it was neat that they are a family run company.”

“The Rogers Water Department had been checking street valves and water usage in our neighborhood out at the lake. The water department tech notified me that I had a potential water leak. With the Tech present I shut off the main valve in the basement and the tech could still detected an audible leak with his acoustic equipment. An internet search lead me to “Cox Plumbing and Leak Detection”. I didn’t want someone to just find the leak, I needed someone who could troubleshoot the system from the street meter to determine if I really did have a leak and then if there was a leak to find and fix it. When I first called Cox Plumbing, Mindy answered the phone. I thought she was just an answering service(sorry for the profiling Mindy), but she knows her plumbing! As I described what had transpired with the water department tech she immediately told me that my basement shut-off valve type is a notorious leaker and just because I closed the house valve and the Tech could still hear water running in the system did not necessarily mean there was a leak between the meter and the house. She told me to fix all of my internal leaks and then recheck the meter. Three of four toilets were leaking and after putting in new toilet kits, the street meter showed “Zero” flow. Bingo !!!! Mindy saved me from digging up a concrete retaining wall and driveway to replace the flowline from the meter to the house. Once I fixed the leaks in the house however, my pipes began to rattle randomly whenever the water was NOT flowing. Checking the pressure in the house revealed that it was the same as the delivery pressure at the street(approx 110psi).

A check of the pressure relief valve showed that no matter what setting I chose, the pressure would bleed back up to 110psi and the pipes would start rattling randomly again. The relief valve was bad and the cause of the transient vibrations. Another call to Mindy and an exchange of text messages with photos of the basement valve and piping arrangement lead to a quick estimate and appointment to change out the pressure reducer and add a new shutoff valve. The replacement was quick and clean. Mindy and Malcolm were very professional and explained everything(acoustics and leak detection) to my satisfaction. I could not recommend them more highly. The diagnostics and elimination of the possibility of an underground leak between the meter and the house which would have caused me to excavate into a concrete retaining wall and elevated driveway was priceless !!!!!”

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