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Our services include the following:

repair of underground water leaks

Leak Detection / Repair of Underground Water Leaks

A leak in a water line can skyrocket your water bill. If you’ve experienced an unusually high water bill, you may have a concealed leak. There are two culprits that can also contribute to a high water bill that are not associated with an underground leak. We ask that you check all toilets to be sure they aren’t continually running and also the T and P (temperature and pressure) release valve on the water heater to ensure it is not stuck in the open position. These valves generally discharge at the side or back of your home. These are two common issues that are easily overlooked by homeowners. If you’ve checked these and there aren’t any issues, chances are you have an underground leak.

At Cox Plumbing and leak detection, we apply nearly 30 years of leak detection experience to our customers. We use our expertise alongside state of the art technology to determine the exact source of your leak. This is done with no destruction to your property and is backed by an ironclad guarantee. Don’t forget, all standard water lines should NOT be billed hourly. A guaranteed price is the way to go. With Cox Plumbing & Leak detection, it doesn’t matter if the detection takes 30 minutes or 30 hours, the price is always the same.

highly trained professionals

Fully Equipped and Highly Trained Professionals

Many NW Arkansas homeowners, business owners, and plumbing companies turn to us to identify concealed, hard to find leaks. We take pride in locating these leaks in record time and it has earned us a stellar reputation in NW Arkansas. We understand that discovering you have a leak can be very stressful. It is extremely rare for an underground leak to cause damage to your property. We will get your leak resolved proficiently and efficiently. We can provide free estimates in most cases over the phone, there’s no need to pay a service call!

You will definitely benefit from our years of experience with underground leak detection. For nearly three decades, we’ve been servicing many satisfied customers and we are happy to be part of the NW Arkansas community since 1999. From the very beginning, we have provided quality workmanship and exceptionally accurate leak detection. Please contact us today to experience the difference with Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection.

Installation of Protected Water Lines

There are times when installing a protected water line is the best option for our customers. If you decide on this option, we ensure that ground debris never touches your new line. We offer an extended warranty on this type of installation because we see daily what causes water leaks and we prevent that from happening to your new water line. You can count on Cox Plumbing & Leak Detection to install a long lasting protected water line that is fully up to plumbing code and beyond. We take extra steps that are not required by the state for this type of installation because we don’t want you to ever have to ever worry about a leak on your service line again.

inspection line locating

Video Inspection of Main Sewer Line

If you’ve had to have your main sewer line cleaned often, or your drain cleaning technician has reported that there may be a problem in your sewer line, we can use our video inspection equipment to look inside and see exactly what the issue is and then locate the exact spot that needs repair.

plumbing repair

Septic System Video Inspection

We can also do a complete septic system video inspection that includes location of your tank, distribution box, and all lateral lines when the need arises. There would be minimal digging required with this service. Please call for an expert consultation today.

sewer & drain cleaning

Septic Tank Locating

Time to pump or maintain your septic tank but you don’t know where it is? We can help. We have locating equipment that can accurately locate your tank AND WE KNOW HOW TO USE IT! This service does not cause any landscape damage to your yard. There’s no need to dig here or there causing extensive damage to your landscape.

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